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The Project for Community Involvement and Leadership Development
Women and Multiculturalism: Coping With Challenges
Gender and Identity: Women in Community and Society
The Advancement of the Working Women
Coexistence: Facilitating Change through Leadership Development
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Nipping Violence 'In the Bud': Combating Violence in Intimate Relationships
What Kind of Equality?" A Course for High School Pupils
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Moving on with the Years: Coping with the Challenges

The Project for Community Involvement and Leadership Development
This project was developed as a result of requests made by women graduates of KIDMA's previous mini courses on the advancement of Women. It is targeted at women from low socio-economic backgrounds from northern Israel. This population lacks opportunity to learn about advancing themselves, and many do not even have a high school diploma. They come mostly from communities such as Arab villages, and development towns throughout the North where many immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia live. These women are taught skills to develop grassroots organizations within their own communities, towns and villages where such organizations usually do not exist. The course is spread out over an entire academic year and is composed of a series of talks by expert lecturers. This course covers a wide variety of topics, with an emphasis on ability development such as decision making, positive communication, assertiveness and community organization. The course also provides information on the status of women in Israel in different fields (legal, political, media etc.) Certain subjects will be given greater attention according to the requests of the participants. The project seeks to equip women with the community service skills needed to effect change within their neighborhoods. It is hoped that the graduates will be able to become part of political processes in their communities and encourage other women to do so as well. Many of these women graduates go on to lecture to other groups at KIDMA.

"Women and Multiculturalism: Coping With Challenges"
'Women and Multiculturalism' is a project that aims to empower Ethiopian female university students. This simple yet important goal is achieved by providing these young women with a plethora of knowledge on a variety of issues pertaining to the status and rights of women within Israel, as well as an opportunity to enhance their own interpersonal skills, in workshops facilitated by an experienced professional.

Gender and Identity: Women in Community and Society
"Gender, Identity & Identification: Women in Society and Community" targets Arab females students and provides them with culturally relevant knowledge about a great variety of topics related to the status of women in Israel, the psychology of women, socialization into gender role, feminism in the Arab world and much more. This project also provides participating women with the opportunity to develop personal and interpersonal skills such as assertiveness, business related entrepreneurship, conflict resolution techniques, etc.

The Advancement of the Working Women
These courses are provided to Women Employees of the Haifa Municipality. Each course consists of 6 meetings at the Haifa University, and includes approximately 35 participants. The women learn about the status of Women in Israel, the world from different perspectives (Psychological, Sociological, Historical) and subjects relating to women in the work force. The topics include: The laws against sexual harassment; Body language; The working woman and her family; Stress and burnout; Women in the media; Women in politics; Affirmative action. The graduates receive a certificate for 40 hours of continuing education credit.

"Identity and Coexistence: Between Gender Identity and National Identity"
Facilitating Change Through Leadership Development, aims to provide the participants – female University students, half of whom are Jewish and half Arab – with a rare opportunity to explore their own beliefs as well as those of the 'others' (others being Arabs or Jews) on a variety of topics that include: the role of women in times of social change, peace organizations and militarism, stereotyping, multi-cultural societies, decision making and assertiveness. Several guests speakers are invited to speak about their role as activists for organizations that promote social justice and civil society.

"Nipping Violence 'In the Bud': Combating Violence in Intimate Relationships"
"Nipping Violence 'In the Bud': Combating Violence in Intimate Relationships"
This project's object is to create a warm and supportive environment in which participants – high school aged girls, from vocational schools and 'at risk' centers - are exposed to specific, up-to-date information on issues pertaining to physical well being, developing sexuality and healthy inter-personal relationships, and in which they can absorb new knowledge and can discuss how these issues are related to their own lives. This project has been welcomed enthusiastically by professionals (guidance counselors, social workers, teachers, etc.) as it answers such a prevalent, not sufficiently attended, community need.

"What Kind of Equality?" A Course for High School Pupils
As part of their "Active Citizenship" project, 11th graders at the prestigious Leo Beck High School in Haifa participate in this KIDMA course. The course focuses on social and personal stereotypes which influence perceptions and behaviors. Pupils explore the impact of gender equality/inequality from social, communal and academic perspectives, and are introduced to several relevant local organizations. Pupils are encouraged to explore the ways in which discussed issues are relevant to their own lives and how they can effect change.

Additional Activities:

A. Student Orientation Workshops
In these courses, both male and female first year students learn coping mechanisms helpful in dealing with a variety of stressful situations in university life. The course is given in three versions, for three distinct populations: Arab students, Ethiopian students and veteran Israelis.

B. "Community Leadership: 'Open Apartments'"
This project's goal is to improve students' leadership abilities and motivate them to invest in and help reshape community activities which will, in turn, be instrumental in revitalizing the specific community. The course is intended for students who are part of the "Open Apartments" Project which is under supervision auspices of the Dean of Students office.
This project provides student with a tuition scholarship and accommodations with in needy communities in the city.

C. "Community Leaders: Jews and Arabs"
A workshop for Jewish and Arab Students who are involved in community projects in various neighborhoods in Haifa and Acco. The students discuss issues regarding the question of coexistence in relation the complex reality of the Jewish Arab conflict and this within the context of there projects and their every day life.

Moving on with the Years: Coping with the Challenges
A course for senior citizen women aimed to provide a framework for discussion of everyday life issues. The course includes topics regarding family, community, bureaucracy and society at large. The course aims to help women cope with the changes they experience as they “move on with the years” within themselves and their dealing with their surroundings