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Women as Leaders in Israeli Society (The Project for Community Involvement and Leadership Development of Women)
This project is based on the success of KIDMA's Project for Community Involvement and Leadership Development of Ethiopian Women. It will use that project as a model. The project seeks to equip women university students from Russian or Arab backgrounds with the information and skills needed to become involved in decision making and affect change within their communities and in society at large. Each session will consist of a general lecture to all participants and two experiential workshops focusing on practical skills. During these workshops the students will make use of closed circuit television and role playing, in order to enhance their skills and learn to deal with situations they are likely to encounter. The students will receive academic credit for the course. The course will focus on the following subjects: Women from a Psychological, Sociological, Political and Historical Perspective; Identifying and Preventing Violence and Sexual Harassment against Women; Women in the Work Force; Interpersonal communication; Decisions making; Management and Leadership skills. The course curriculum will be tailored to the particular needs of the participant group. The participants will be encouraged to discuss issues important to them. Topics will be added or changed according to both their requests and the coordinator's discussions with the students.

Project for Empowerment of Female Army Officers:
Recently officer training in combat units has been opened to women, thus, the military "concrete ceiling" will become a glass one. Following a meeting with the Chief of the Women's Corps ("Chen") and her staff of high-ranking officers, KIDMA developed a five-session course on topics they chose as most significant for young female officers today. This course is meant to assist young female Officers and Non Commissioned Officers to succeed in a male environment, and enable them to provide proper guidance for female soldiers under their command. Although the Army recognizes the importance of projects such as this, no such program is provided for young female officers. As opposed to scattered lectures in Army bases, this program provides a framework, away from the military atmosphere, for female officers and NCO's to discuss problems and issues they encounter. As officers they must serve as role models for female soldiers in compulsory service and learn to be successful officers to both the men and women under their command. The workshops will enable the participants to experience different situations and learn the skills and tools needed in order to confront them. In addition, studying within the University exposes the participants to an academic environment, encouraging them to consider academic studies in the future. This project is of great importance both for female officers considering a career in the IDF and those planning to develop careers elsewhere.
About 25 female officers and NCO's will come to the Haifa University for five eight academic hour lectures and workshops, which will make up a 40-hour course. The lecturers are all experienced academics and professionals who have worked with KIDMA on many projects. The course will begin with an analysis of women's status in Israel (and in the world) from a historical, sociological and psychological point of view and smaller discussion groups on these subjects. Because sexual harassment is especially of major concern in the army, the second session focuses on the identification and prevention of sexual harassment and violence against women. The remaining three sessions include practical workshops on the following topics: positive self-presentation, assertiveness, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, decision making, management and leadership, and time management. During these workshops the young officers will participate in role-playing, and will be able to discuss and analyze their behavior by seeing themselves on close circuit television.
This unique project seeks to enrich these young women's consciousness and increase their access to the tools which they need to enhance their positive investment in their own lives, the lives of the soldiers under their command, their families, their communities and the country at large.